How to write a book, a small book, in about 10 days

It's quite possible to write a book in about 10 days thanks to the internet. It won't be a large book, but you can write a small book and get acquainted with the basics of how to write a book.

Bookmark this page or write down the URL ( Visit every day for 10 days and practice everything you read here. Do this and 10 days from now you'll not only have your first book ready, but you'll have a beautiful idea of how to write a book.

If you like, you can receive this information by Email. Just send a blank Email to You'll receive the first lesson right away, and the rest over the next 5 days. If you choose the Email course, the subject line of each mailing will read 'Infoproduct Masters 101'.

Starting today, here's what you do;

Day 1

Get and test ideas.

Choose a topic for your book. Choose something you know, something you love, something you're passionate about. These are the easiest things to write a book about.

Your first idea may not be your best. Don't worry. Just get the best ideas you can get out of your head. Be specific. For instance, if travel is a good topic for you, you might be able to write a book about travel tips for families with small children.

Whatever topic you choose, do a quick survey to find out what your readers want to learn. This is where the internet really helps you out. Just find a forum or discussion group where people gather who are interested in what you're writing about. To start, check out and

Find and join groups about the topic you've chosen to write a book about. Ask questions that will help you find out what these people really want to know about. For instance, suppose you want to write a book for webpage designers to help them find better paying webpage design jobs, you would find groups designed for webpage designers, and ask them questions like

Dear friends;

For those of you currently working as a webpage
designer for a company, what are the 3 most
requested services your employers ask of you?

Thanks very much for your thoughts,
{sign your name here}

It's a direct question, so it will get direct answers. Use these answers to get ideas for what to include in your book. You should get at least 10 answers to get a good idea. Remember, write about what people want and need, not just what interests you.

Use the answers you receive to help decide on a really good idea to write your book about.

This should keep you busy for one day.

Day 2

Develop an outline for your book.

For now, keep the outline simple. Try one of the most basic outlines-

  1. Tips. Your book can feature tips, techniques, or guidelines that apply to your readers. If you're an organization expert, write something like
    "25 Ways to Organize Your Office For Under $100."
  2. Frequently Asked Questions. Come up with 20-30 commonly asked questions about your topic, and provide good answers.

All Right! Two days and you've already got a solid plan for your book. You're doing very well.

Days 3 & 4

Keep collecting and evaluating responses(from the forums you joined in day 1). If you need more data, read a few E-zines on your topic to see what people are interested in.

Look for E-zines at and

Is you book still rough in places? Do an hour or two of research to smoothen it out.

Now it's time to flesh out your outline. Write the content, just the first draft.

It doesn't have to be perfect yet. Just write ideas as they come. Organize them into the appropriate parts of the outline and elaborate upon them.

Three hours each day should result in a pretty good first draft of a 10 page book. Brainstorm a flow of great ideas.

Days 5 & 6

Now that your first draft is done, you've pretty much got the basics. Now it's time to play...

"Name that Book!" :-)

Think up a great name for your book. Pick a name that roughly describes what it's about and gets the readers interest. To get you started, here are just a few templates you can use...

* 20 Questions Answered About _______________________

* 20 Tips and Techniques For _______________ Who Want to _______________________

* 20 Ways to ________________________________________

* How to Make the Most of ___________ For Under $____

There are dozens of great names you can use. Pick the best one.

Take your time. A great name literally multiplies the interest of your book several fold.

There! Check off STEP 6 now that you've got your title. Spend the remainder of days 5 and 6 on STEP 7...

Polish, test and polish your content until you have a gleamingly brilliant final draft. Take care of the copyright and ISBN. It's easy.

Day 7

Proofread and edit everything. This is hard because by now, you're a bit too close. Ask a spouse or good friend to give it the "once-over". Last step is a good spell-check.

A good editing job goes unnoticed, and that's what you want becuase a baad jobb hear looooks reeely bush-ligue! See what I mean? ;-)

Done the final polishing? Congratulations. You've just polished off STEP 7.

You did it! You've just written your first book. It wasn't hard at all. Over the next couple of days send a few copies to some colleagues to get feedback. Adjust the content as necessary.

The book is ready. Publish it any way you want. Hard copy, E-book, PDF, on a disk... By now, you've learned a lot about how to write a book. If you like, you can use what you've learned to write something larger. But Wait...

It's only day 7. You still have a few days left. Lets get your book in front of interested readers. Maybe you can sell it ;-)

Days 8 & 9

Build a Site

If you already have a site, just add a Web page that tells your visitor about your book. If they're interested, let them buy a copy off you :-)

While you're at it, build a few pages containing useful information about the topic(s) your book covers and link them to the page describing your book. If you do this, people interested in what you've written about will come to you...

Other promotional strategies? We'll think of a few.

One day left. There's plenty of time if we don't sit around. Lets go!

Day 10

Start selling your book

There are loads of strategies and places available where you can sell your new book.

Let's keep it simple it simple for now. You can build up your income over the coming days.

First, build an order page at it's a snap. Link to this page from your mini-sales-site. will accept credit cards on your behalf, and they'll "ship" your product via download from their servers, too!(You will need to develop an electronic version of your book for this. It's pretty easy) Once a month you'll receive a check, minus their 14% commission. And it all looks like it's happening from your Order Page.

Second, use a brilliant strategy known as "Secondary Outlets". For example, you can place your digital booklet on's digital bookshelves. *THEY* do the marketing, *THEY* get the sale, clear the credit card and take care of the download, and *THEY* handle all the money. also lets you sell printed books at their site. If you had your heart set on publishing, is a real help in selling.

Yes, they charge you more... 50%. But they spend money attracting traffic. Some of this traffic will find your product when they search. So these are sales that you would not otherwise have. Let me repeat this... these are sales that you would otherwise not have.

Done with Fatbrain? Great. Place your book in 50 other outlets. They'll all generate a bit of bread for you, which will add up to a nice loaf.

Whew! 11:59 PM, DAY 10. You made it!

That's it. Do it once and you'll do it again and again.

Good luck!

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